Shunus Organic Journey Vol. 2

New Sample Pack is available exclusively on our platform Exotic Music Production! Following the success of his debut Sample Pack, Cairo based Britsh Producer Shunus, known for his releases on labels such as Wayu Records, Art Vibes Music, Exotic Refreshment, Rebellion Der Traumer and along with many others, introduces "Organic Journey Vol. 2".

DBRA - Enter The Garden

Beautiful EP from DBRA with remixes from Foxall (Underyourskin Records), Samaha (Lump Records), HAFT (Exotic Refreshment, Pipe & Pochet) and Marco Tegui (Bar 25 Music, Stil Vor Talent, Kindisch) is OUT NOW! Early support from: Sasha, Be Svendsen, Timujin, Soul Button, Chris Fortier, Ali Farahani, Xique-Xique, Lemurian, Zuma Dionys, Discoshaman, Wild Dark, Intiche and more. EP is available on Bandcamp and Beatport

VA - Lost Poetry - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of "Lost Poetry" is now out on all major stores! Compilation includes 13 tracks and remixes from DJ Tennis, Henry Saiz, Affkt, Goldcap, Hyenah, Sei A, Dandara, Elfenberg, Mom, HAFT, Rapossa, Holed Coin, Enoo Napa, Alejandro Mosso, Jugurtha and more. Stores: BeatportBandcamp

VA - Lost Poetry - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of our new compilatio series entitled "Lost Poetry" is now out on all major stores via Exotic Refreshment! Album features 12 unmixed, full length tracks and remixes from Stimming, Acid Pauli, Nu, Ruede Hagelstein, German Brigante, Soukie & Windish, Jacob Groening, Aparde, Kevin Di Serna, Kalipo, Rancido, Santiago Garcia, Local Suicide, MOTSA, Stevie R, Sobek, Mulya, Low Manuel, Bookwood, Janus Rasmussen, Company Is Family and Delfin Music. Stores: BeatportBandcampTraxsourceJuno Download

Bahramji & Medusa Odyssey - Jana

Bahramji & Medusa Odyssey - Jana with awesome remix from THEMBA (SA) is now out on Bandcamp and Beatport via Exotic Refreshment. Early support from: Be Svendsen, Soul Button, Pablo Fierro, Raidho, Elfenberg, Ali Farahani, Landikhan, Samaha, Alvaro Suarez, Wild Dark, HAFT and more...

Agawe Cosmic Resonance vol. 1

New Sample Pack "Agawe Cosmic Resonance vol. 1" is out on our platform Exotic Music Production. Pack is full of sacred instruments, African and ethnic percussions, spiritual timbres such as murchunga (jew’s harp), monochord, seed, bowl, native flute and many more. You can find here also various sounds of TR-8, DrumBrute, and analog synths like Moog Minitaur and Korg Minilogue. Cosmic Resonance provides orientalist samples and ritual sounds inspired by major labels such as Sol Selectas, Pipe & Pochet, Cosmic Awakenings, Keinemusik, Exotic Refreshment etc.

Juliano Gomez & Artimpakt - Miracle

Next up on Exotic Refreshment we welcome Juliano Gomez & Artimpakt with their Miracle EP. On remix duties we have Marco Tegui (Bar 25 Music, Stil Vor Talent, Katermukke, Kindisch), HAFT (Exotic Refreshment, Pipe & Pochet, MONADA), Isaac Soto (Leveldva) and Klik & Frik (Sol Selectas, Big In Japan). Bandcamp, Beatport

Ancient Rhythms 2 - World Series

"Ancient Rhythms 2 - World Series", a continuation of well-received sample pack from 2019, is now available on our platform Exotic Music Production. Collection features 121 loops in wav format (44.1 kHz, 24-bit), ready to use in your deep tribal dance music and electronica productions. As before, sample pack is full of ancient rhythms, ethnic and folkloric sounds, so it can be used in multiple genres like deep house, chill out, downtempo, afro house, melodic house & techno, tech house, minimal or techno.

VA - Those Moments

Those Moments is out via Exotic Refreshment LTD! It's second summary (Exotic LTD Edition) of the last year of our labels. Compilation features 11 of our favorite tracks and remixes from artists like Zuma Dionys, Kyrill & Redford, Mario Bazouri, Shunus, MI.LA, Chambord, VIK, August Artier, Frederick Stone, Chris IDH, Kolomin, Sonya Rubleva & el.spaceBandcamp, Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download, WhatPeoplePlay 
"HAFT Ethnic Flavor & The Traditional Deep Mega Bundle" is out on our platform Exotic Music Production! Bundle contains 4 sample packs and is available for 50% off the cumulative price. Bundle features huge collection of 657 samples in wav format (44.1 kHz, 24-bit) and 12 MIDI files, ready to use in your underground productions.

Year In Review (2019 Edition)

Year In Review (2019 Edition) includes 5 best sample packs of 2019 from Exotic Refreshment catalog and is available on our platform EMP for 50% off the cumulative price. Bundle contains the following Sample Packs: African Percussions - World Series, Downpour A Little Bit Deeper 2, Himbrecht Deep Melodic Exotics 2, HAFT Deeptone vol. 1 and Staniz Ethnic Minimal. Contains total number of 968 WAV files, 53 MIDI files, 24 construction kits and weighs 2 GB!

VA - Friendly Reminder

Year in review - Exotic Refreshment 2020 edition. Friendly Reminder is a kind of summary of the last year of our labels Exotic Refreshment and Exotic Refreshment LTD. Compilation features 12 of our favorite tracks and remixes from artists like Zuma Dionys, Mario Bazouri, Discoshaman, Nutia, Victor Norman, Shunus, MI.LA, Elfenberg, VIK, Jiony, August Artier, Yvel & Tristan, Lerr, Genii, Noraj Cue, Kolomin, Sonya Rubleva & Album is out on all major platforms like Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music, Traxsource, Juno Download, WhatPeoplePlay etc

Melodic House & Techno Christmas Edition

Melodic House & Techno Christmas Edition is now available on Exotic Music Production and Beatport Sounds. Bundle contains the following sample packs: Melodic House & Techno vol. 1, Sfx vol. 3, Shunus Organic Journey vol. 1. Inside 406 loops and one shots in WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit format ready to use in your next track.

Mario Bazouri Melodic Afro House

New Sample Pack "Melodic Afro House vol. 1" by Mario Bazouri is now available on Exotic Music Production and Beatport Sounds. Inside 95 loops (Basslines, all kind of Drum Loops, FXs, Synth and Melodic Loops) in WAV format that you can use to produce a variety of music genres like House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Progressive House, Downtempo, Electronica, Deep Tech, Techno and more..

MI.LA - Antipode

After well-received "Cube" EP released last year on Exotic, Mila Velesova aka MI.LA returns to the label with her new "Antipode" EP. Among the two beautiful original tracks entitled "Sun" and "Moon", you will find here four remixes from Jiony (Leveldva, Metanoia, Urban Cosmonaut Radio), Shunus (WAYU Records, Art Vibes Music), Zuma Dionys (Pipe & Pochet, Sol Selectas, Bar 25) and Troja (RKJVK, Lump Records). EP is available exclusively on Beatport. Early support from: Be Svendsen, Chris Fortier, San Miguel, Ali Farahani, Soul Button, Raidho, Olderic, Robbie Akbal, Rafaele Castiglione, Speaking Minds, HAFT, Baikal, Alvaro Suarez and more...

Indian Percussions - World Series

"Indian Percussions - Exotic Samples 043", next sample pack of our World Series, is now available on Exotic Music Production and Beatport Sounds. Sample pack includes Indian Percussion Loops, Kick Loops and Ambience Loops. All samples were recorded using Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder.

Mysterious Stories - Chapter 1​+​2

Both Chapters of our recent compilation series entitled "Mysterious Stories" are now available in one pack, only on Bandcamp. Album includes 25 from the hottest DJ's and producers of the moment like Oceanvs Orientalis, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Armen Miran, Sahalé, Timujin, Niko Schwind, Timboletti, Valeron, Elfenberg, Luca Musto, Yør Kultura, SidiRum, Zuma Dionys, HAFT, Marco Tegui, Rapossa and more.

Himbrecht Deep Melodic Exotics Bundle 01

Both volumes of "Deep Melodic Exotics", a Sample Pack series from Himbrecht, are now available in the bundle, only on Exotic Music Production and Beatport Sounds. Inspired by the likes of Henry Saiz, Floating Points, Jungle, and Robert Babicz to name a few.

VIK - Like Water

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water". New EP by VIK with remixes from Discoshaman (Iboga Records, Acker Records, Cosmic Awakenings) and Nutia (Bar 25 Music, Underyourskin Records, Laut & Luise) is out via our main label Exotic Refreshment on all major platforms including Beatport, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Traxsource and Juno Download. Early support from: Sasha, Acid Pauli, Be Svendsen, Just Emma, Jacob Groening, Soul Button, Geju, Xique-Xique, Lukas Endhardt, Toto Chiavetta, CIOZ, Olderic, PAAX (Tulum), Pete Oak, San Miguel, HAFT and more...

Kick Drums Bundle

New sample pack "Kick Drums Bundle" is now out exclusively on Beatport Sounds. Bundle contains the following Sample Packs: Kick Drums - Exotic Samples 024 and Kick Drums 2 - Exotic Samples 033.