Agawe - Confused Karma

Agawe - Confused Karma

Next up on Exotic Refreshment we welcome Agawe, duo of producers from Turkey. Together they produced percussive and melodic textures with their own sound designs for the gem of their two weeks seclusion in a studio in the forest. The duo presents the EP with afro house and modern melodic touches while being inspired by the balance between wilderness and serenity for their leitmotive.

 'Confused Karma' turns into an indefinable wildness with the mixed of ethereal vocal, cosmic pads, tribal zippy percussions, rhythmic synth flute pattern, field recordings and lead melodies illuminating two different stories.

'Leza' elicits a dynamic flow with the native flutes, tropical creatures, orchestral instruments, swinging synth, african vocal and percussions arising from an enchanted jungle.

On remix duties we have Ian Ludvig (Go Deeva Records, MoBlack Records), Juliano Gomez (Shango Records, Lump Records, MONADA), Auggië (MoBlack Records, Connected Frontline) and T-Puse (Pipe & Pochet, Cafe De Anatolia).

Stores: BeatportBandcamp